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Are my vases valuable?

Are my vases valuable?

by 3 years ago

Vase one. Green purple flowers  petal shaped neck marked Austria and a number. ?

Urn style double handle dainty flowers ornate handles. Marked Vienna in red shield EW and a crown above it number 5717 ?any ideas who ?where date ? Thanks 

3 years ago
Great detail - thanks for joining and posting. A quick reminder that any replies are based only on the evidence the viewer can see. And this is our peer to peer area of the site ie the community. (This means all views are subjective and may be from a beginner, enthusiast or expert alike). MyAntiqueSchool doesn't offer a valuation service but our community members are welcome to tell you their independent views on what you might have
3 years ago
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3 years ago
Greetings Sharon! Thank you for submitting those lovely Austrian vases! My hunch is that they came to you through the same family member who traveled or lived over seas at the turn of the 20th c (or you just gravitate towards Austrian Art Nouveau). Allow me to tell you a little about what you have.... The double handled vase is by Austrian retailer and manufacturer, Ernst Wahliss from Turin - Teplitz. Both date to around 1900, give or take a few years. Both have been hand-painted (no transfer prints here) and both have the sparkly addition of hand drawn tracery and details in gold. The gold required it's own special trip into the kiln which would have added a cost to these when first purchased. I feel that currently, the value for this type of Austrian (also called Bohemian) ceramic from the Art Nouveau period is currently undervalued for the work which went into their creation; meaning that the field is ripe for collecting and wouldn't a shelf filled with these look marvelous! Thank you for sharing them!
3 years ago
Thanks Erin - Erin is one of our experts at MyAntiqueSchool and teaches courses here.

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