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Chinese Antique Jade Small Pot Qing Dynasty


Chinese Antique Jade Small Pot Qing Dynasty

by 6 years ago

Hi all, Could you please give me advice how much this pot worth and its age please? I search but to a limit. So need some one expert guidance. Photo is attached,

Best regards,


6 years ago
Hi Navid, Welcome to the MyAntiqueSchool community. Lovely to have you with us! That looks like a really interesting find. Thank you for sharing the picture here. I am sure someone will be along soon with some information for you. Just a quick reminder that any replies are based only on the evidence the viewer can see. MyAntiqueSchool doesn't offer a valuation service but our community members are welcome to tell you their independent views on what you might have. Many thanks, Amy
6 years ago
Dear Navid - I hope this finds you very well today. I would like to have a go at your small pot... but please allow me to give you a disclaimer by saying that my specialties are Ceramics and Fine Art rather than jade, that being said, I have studied and sold Chinese and Western ceramics for many, many years. ... I agree with you that the seal mark on the base appears to read being from the time period of the Emperor Qianlong (who reigned from 1736-1795), however I am not sure that it is that old. In my experience with ceramics, the shape of your pot resembles 20th century rather than 18th century production. The very light concentric rings around the mouth of the piece lean more towards the piece being made by machine, rather than hand-formed and it appears a little odd that the design is cut off so severely at the base of the piece. In ceramics, the design is usually resolved at the base rather than cut off.... but again, I am approaching your piece from the direction of what I specifically specialize in. The best thing about pieces like this is that they open a dialogue... tell us a little more about how you acquired it, perhaps in it's provenance we can deduce a little more of it's history. Cheers and thank you so much for sharing.
6 years ago
Thanks Erin-Marie! Erin-Marie is one of our experts from the US who you can study with. Appreciate your input here! Would also be good to hear thoughts from anyone else in the community or our other experts (they do sometimes come over the wall from our virtual classrooms as you can see!
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