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Help with old clock?


Help with old clock?

by 6 years ago

Hi,  can anyone help me with this old clock? It's very heavy, and I think used to have some candelsticks with it. Would love to get some info if anyone has ideas? 

6 years ago
Hi, your clock is a typical late Victorian slate and marble mantel timepiece, c1890-1900. The movements are normally French. It's unlikely to have had candlesticks as it is quite a basic design, although clocks often did come as 'garnitures' with accompanying candlesticks and candelabra....they tend to be fancier! Demand for this type of clock has commercially declined and value is usually quite modest. Hope it keeps good time! Regards.
5 years ago
Thanks Lisa - Lisa is an expert from the UK who has a special interest in textiles, and runs her own retail antiques business

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