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Help with set of cups

Help with set of cups

by 3 years ago

I was left a whole set of these by my grandmother, includes saucers, plates and everything. I don't want to get rid of them as they have sentimental value but would like to know any information? I do like the design although I know they're probably not fashionable at the moment.

3 years ago
Hi Jan, Welcome to the MyAntiqueSchool community, lovely to have you with us! Thank you for sharing the photo of your cups, I am sure someone will be along with some information soon. Many thanks, Amy
3 years ago
Hi Jan! I hope this finds you well. I am Erin-Marie Wallace, one of the tutors with MyAntiqueSchool. These are fantastic! I agree, the pattern is just bombastically awesome! I can't wait to tell you a little more about these, but before I do.... will you please upload a photo of the back-stamp or any maker's marks you see on the base? The base will confirm what I think these are (ps... I'd keep them too!). Thank you ever so much.

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