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Is the mid century market still growing at a rapid pace?


Is the mid century market still growing at a rapid pace?

by 6 years ago

Certainly in California after Madmen there was a  massive trend for buying mid century furniture and it pushed prices up.  Is this still the case?  And is the trend strong globally?  Or Europe and the US mainly.

6 years ago
Here in Australia the trend seems to have settled a little bit, but interest in quality Mid-Century Furniture is still very strong, with strongest interest in Melbourne - not sure of UK prices, but a good quality Mid-Century Danish sideboard can be found starting at around $1,500 -$2,000 AUD, up to premium prices for like Wegner around the $8,000-$9,000 mark. Prices in Sydney seem to be much the same, but here in Adelaide bargains can still be found with a wider range of prices.
6 years ago
I think Mark Hill who's running our new course on Mid Century will be able to tell us about the London market when he comes along.
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