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Harriet Rycroft


Harriet Rycroft - Gardening
Harriet Rycroft, former head gardener at the famous Whichford Pottery in Warwickshire, says there are endless stylish planting combinations for pots, wherever you are.Deborah Stone, Daily Express


Hello, I'm Harriet Rycroft. I'm a career-change gardener. I've always been happiest pottering in gardens, but this only became a career after I had children. I studied horticulture part time for a few years while they were very young, and volunteered at Hidcote Manor Gardens, then became a gardener at Whichford Pottery. After a couple of years I was in sole charge as Head Gardener, planning, creating and maintaining large displays of planted pots all year round, including spectacular displays at Chelsea Flower Show. I also propagated most of the plants for these displays. I stayed at Whichford for 13 and a half years, during that time I wrote a regular blog about the garden, travelled to Japan, Germany, Holland and Sweden to give talks and demonstrations and gave talks and demos here in the UK. Now I am independent, still experimenting with container planting at home, also spending a couple of days a week working with the talented team at the Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens - who have a well-deserved reputation for exciting planting both in the ground and in containers. I blog at and am easy to find on social media.

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