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By Alex N

Our students often tell us that they’ve joined one of our online gardening or cookery courses for vegetarian inspiration – after they or a family member decides to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Our experts, including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Kirk Haworth or Rachel de Thample have got plenty of exciting vegetarian recipes and can help you learn how to grow more veg and cook for a vegetarian diet.

Every Learning with Experts course includes assignments to help you practice what you’ve watched, and if you choose the Expert option you’ll receive personal feedback from your tutor on your assignment.

Here’s a selection of our most popular vegetarian (or vegetable growing) courses (which include some of our favourite vegetarian recipes):

Much More Veg – Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

From the River Cottage gardens and kitchen, Hugh teaches you how to get the best out of your veg and new ways to cook and serve vegetables. Includes summer BBQ and roasted vegetarian recipes inspired by Hugh’s books and TV series.

Recommended course

Much More Veg taught by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

Learn how to eat more vegetables and plant-based foods by taking the Much More Veg course on Learning With Experts.

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Vegan and Plant Based Cooking – Kirk Haworth

Plant-based chef Kirk Haworth teaches you the secrets of vegan cooking from his London restaurant “Plate”. You’ll learn how to create restaurant level vegan dishes, and how to make vegetables the star of your menu.

Recommended course

Vegan and Plant Based Cooking taught by Kirk Haworth

Learn how to cook vegan and plant-based dishes, including a vegan diner party menu. Taught by chef Kirk Haworth.

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The Herb Garden – Dr Rachel Petheram

Renowned gardener and florist Dr Rachel Petheram teaches you the art of organic herb growing. Learn how to grow and use herbs in food and flower arrangements.

Recommended course

The Herb Garden taught by Dr Rachel Petheram

Dr Rachel Petheram teaches you how to grow your own herbs for food and gardening.

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Eat the Veg Patch – Adam Crofts

River Cottage’s Head Gardener Adam Crofts joins River Cottage’s Head chef Gelf Alderson and takes you on a vegetarian journey from plot to plate. You’ll learn about growing vegetables and how to harvest and serve the vegetables you grow.

Recommended course

Eat The Veg Patch taught by Adam Crofts

Learn how to eat from your own veg patch by taking the Eat The Veg Patch course on Learning With Experts.

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Fermenting for Taste and Health – Rachel de Thample

Award winning author and chef Rachel de Thample teaches you the process of fermentation. You’ll learn how to make seasonal kraut recipes, kombucha, kefir and kimchi.

Recommended course

Fermenting For Taste and Health taught by Rachel de Thample

Explore the many realms of fermenting, exploring an array of krauts, kombuchas and lacto-fermented delicacies.

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Many of our Food & Drink courses can be adapted for vegans or vegetarians, so just get in touch at if you’re looking for more vegetarian courses.

Alex N

I'm passionate about online learning, and lucky enough to work for Learning with Experts. Most recent course: The Pie Shop with River Cottage's Tom Morrell. Next course: Container Gardening with Chris Beardshaw.

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