The Art of Chocolate Making with Paul A Young: What you'll need

By Jemima Armfield

Learn chocolate making with personal feedback from the UK’s top chocolatier, Paul a Young

Paul has a reputation as an incredibly creative flavour alchemist who often develops flavour combinations that are original, experimental, sometimes daring, yet always perfectly balanced. During this course, Paul will share the skills he has gained during his chocolate career, even letting you in on his secret recipe – his multi-award winning sea salted caramel truffle.

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The Art of Chocolate Making taught by Paul A Young

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Equipment list

A stainless steel plastic handled scraper (Paul uses a wallpaper scraper from a DIY store) Palette knife Heat gun/hairdryer Microfibre cloth/cotton wool Chocolate dipping tool (not essential) A solid plastic chocolate mould (not the flexible silicone variety)

Additional and optional equipment

Decoration transfer sheets Baking paper for making piping bags. Acetate sheets for capping off moulded chocolates. Digital thermometer

Dark chocolate water ganache


150mls water 100g unrefined golden caster sugar or any type of granular sugar 300g dark chocolate 65% cocoa solids or above.

Dark chocolate cream ganache


  • 175 mls double cream
  • 60g unrefined golden caster sugar or any granular sugar
  • 160g dark chocolate 65% cocoa solids or over.

Milk chocolate ganache for hand rolling


  • 165mls Full fat milk
  • 400g Milk chocolate 30% cocoa solids or above.

White chocolate ganache for hand rolling*


  • 100mls whipping cream
  • 50g unrefined caster sugar or any granular sugar 500g white chocolate

Strawberry ganache

  • 120mls double cream
  • 50g unrefined golden caster sugar or any granular sugar. 350g Strawberries
  • 500g White chocolate

Whisky Ganache (Alcohol)

  • 150 mls Double cream
  • 100g Light muscovado sugar (demerara sugar is also good)
  • 550g milk chocolate (cocoa solids content 30% or over)
  • 75g Whisky ( this can be replaced with any other spirit, e.g. Rum, Brandy)

Sea salted caramel

  • 100g unsalted butter
  • 100g light muscovado sugar
  • 100g double cream
  • 5g flakey or fine sea salt
  • 50g Milk chocolate (30% cocoa solids or over)

Fruit reduction

•300g soft fruit – Berries, Mango, Papaya etc •150g unrefined golden caster sugar or any other granular sugar.

Join Paul A Young on his online course The Art of Chocolate Making today and learn how you can turn these simple ingredients into beautiful handmade chocolates. Get personal feedback on your cooking and meet like-minded enthusiasts in the online classroom. Book now, start at any time.

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