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Japanese Cuisine

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Course Description

Learn how to cook classic Japanese dishes on a culinary journey across Japan with Andrew Kojima (also known as Chef Koj), the award-winning British-Japanese chef, Master chef finalist and author of No Sushi.

You'll be cooking delicious Ramen noodle dishes, Tonkatsu and Japanese rice, miso soup, making perfect Gyoza dumplings, Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) and Yakitori grilled skewers; these are dishes you will want to cook again and again.

You'll notice this isn't a sushi making class - did you know that less than 10% of restaurants in Japan serve sushi?

Chef Koj will introduce you to some of Japan’s most iconic foods, taking you on a journey from East to West Japan. He will present each dish in the context of its history and inspire you to continue its evolution in your own kitchen, as you immerse yourself in Japanese culture.

Koj will teach you how to cook with Japanese ingredients, and you'll be inspired to put your own spin on his staple dishes.

This Japanese cookery course features everything you’ll need to master authentic Japanese dishes at home.

Choose Expert option for personal feedback from Koj on the Japanese dishes you make on this course.

“There’s a lot more to cooking Japanese food than simply following a recipe of ingredients and methods. It is a chance to immerse yourself in Japan and its culture, as you learn about ingredients, regional specialities, artisanal producers, etiquette and the history of bilateral foreign influence.” - Chef Koj

You'll learn:

  • how to cook iconic Japanese dishes including Tonkatsu, Ramen, Gyoza, Okonomiyaki and Yakitori
  • recipes for Japanese dishes
  • confidence to create your own Japanese inspired dishes
  • sourcing and cooking with Japanese ingredients

The course includes:

  • 5 on-demand video lessons - presented by Andrew Kojima (Chef Koj)
  • lifetime access to the videos, notes and interactive class
  • flexible classes - join and learn when and where you like
  • downloadable lesson notes
  • practical Japanese cooking recipes (with tutor feedback available)
  • access on your mobile, PC, Mac or laptop
  • small interactive online classroom - chat online to students from around the world and share your creative ideas

Time to complete the Japanese cooking class:

Every student is different but in general we think the whole course will take around 14 hours to complete including:

  • Video lessons: 2 hours in total
  • Course notes: 30 minutes per lesson
  • Your planting design projects: at least 2 hours per lesson
  • Interactive classroom time: 15 minutes per lesson
  • Tutor feedback review (Expert level): 15 minutes per lesson

You'll need:

Each lesson includes a recipe with a full list of ingredients, generally you don't need special kitchen equipment.

This course is for the avid home cook, the enthusiastic amateur, the professional chef and everyone in between. More experienced chefs can expand their culinary repertoire and experiment with this iconic cuisine - challenge yourself by experimenting with daring flavours and get personal feedback from a master chef on your choices.

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CPD Accreditation

Course activity has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO). The course equates to 14 hours of CPD learning.
The CPD Standards Office. CPD Provider: 50276.

Course outline

  • Tonkatsu

    The journey begins with a dish first popularised by one of Tokyo’s oldest restaurants and one of the first things Koj learned to cook as a child.

    Originally considered a western import, tonkatsu has now been fully adopted into Japanese cuisine through over 100 years of refinement.

    It is a perfect start to the course, as it introduces some key Japanese ingredients in a dish that is bound to be a crowd pleaser when you reproduce it at home.

    Lesson length: 37 minutes

    Assignment: There are three things to master for this dish; the stock, Japanese rise and the perfect crispy Tonkatsu.

  • Ramen

    After leaving Tokyo, the first stop on the Shinkansen line that runs east to west is Yokohama, home to the ramen museum and theme park.

    Another dish borne of foreign influence, these noodles were first introduced to Japan in the late 19thcentury via the large Chinese population that settled in this major trading port.

    Ramen’s popularity and status increased when Japan was suffering post-war food shortages (it could be made from imported wheat) and it became a hit instant food in the 1960s.

    What originated as a humble bowl of noodles, soup and scraps has achieved iconic cult food status to get the whole world slurping in excitement.

    Lesson length: 31 minutes

    Assignment: Master the Tokyo style chicken ramen.

  • Gyoza

    Next stop is Hamamatsu, on the south coast between Shizuoka and Nagoya, renowned across Japan as one of the pre-eminent “Gyoza towns” with restaurants competing to produce the best gyoza.

    Virtually every culture across the world has its own version of a dumpling, from Cornish pasties to empanadas.

    Gyozas originated in China, but have won a special place in the hearts and minds of Japanese and are a guaranteed crowd pleaser on any menu.

    Koj will teach you how to make a filling, how to pleat the thin dough, how to cook them and how to make a dipping sauce.

    Lesson length: 23 minutes

    Assignment: Make as many Gyoza as you can, and take care over the presentation.

  • Okonomiyaki

    Osaka prides itself as the home of okonomiyaki, a street food that became popular after the war in Japan as a cheap but delicious and filling comfort food.

    Sometimes described as Japanese pancake or Japanese pizza, Koj thinks of it more as a Japanese bubble and squeak, with vegetables and meat or fish held together by a savoury batter of flour and eggs.

    It is served with various sauces and toppings and is a great dish to have in your repertoire as it can be adapted to use up virtually leftovers and ingredients.

    Lesson length: 20 minutes

    Assignment: Create your own Okonomiyaki pancake - pay particular attention to the Umami and the batter, and bring in some variation with the fillings and toppings.

  • Yakitori

    The final visit on this culinary tour across Japan celebrates the street food stalls of Hakata serving various examples of kushiyaki.

    Around the world things get grilled on skewers, from kebabs to shashlik in the Middle East, asados to anticuchos in Latin America.

    Japan’s most famous grilled skewer is yakitori. Koj will teach you how to prepare and grill the skewers and how to achieve the perfect balance of sweet and salty teriyaki sauce that makes these skewers so addictive.

    Lesson length: 24 minutes

    Assignment: Make an assortment of skewers, and focus on which combinations will work well with a teriyaki sauce.

Its given me a huge boost, and a lot more knowledge - I'm so glad I took part.


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Meet Andrew Kojima

Andrew Kojima - Food & Drink
Koj learned to cook Japanese food from a young age. After impressing MasterChef judges such as Michel Roux Jr, he has become an expert in teaching Japanese cuisine, combining technical ability with passion, enthusiasm and fascinating knowledge. His restaurant was reviewed by national restaurant critics, won awards such as Best Newcomer and Best Restaurant and was one of only two Japanese restaurants outside London in the Michelin Guide.

“Koj’s food reflects his heritage and an understanding of what brings joy to the palate”
- Michel Roux Jr, Chef Patron, Le Gavroche

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