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Curing & Smoking

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Course Description

Whether you rear your own animals or just want the pleasure of frying your own bacon, our Curing and Smoking course will give you the confidence and know-how to create truly great, flavoursome ingredients, such as salt beef, salami and hot smoked fish.

You will learn basic butchery skills and the key techniques for curing and smoking, with plenty to taste and try along the way. The smoking and curing course is filmed against the stunning backdrop of River Cottage HQ.

For fans of more traditional methods, River Cottage will open your mind to a method that is centuries old. The application of salt and smoke to food can be traced from ancient civilisations right up to the present day. It represents the beginning of cooking and maintains a key part of any kitchen whether it is domestic or commercial. Food preservation is such an important tool for anyone looking to grow as a cook.

This course will leave you with a deep-rooted respect for the ingredients you have because ultimately you will be able to eradicate short shelf-lives and deal with a glut so that there will be no waste. In the simplest of terms curing and smoking is preserving and flavouring. However it encompasses craft, tradition, science and sorcery.

Anyone and everyone can and should be producing simple cured products as a matter of course because they offer so much value to the keen cook. It will expand your knowledge of food and increase your repertoire of dishes as well as taking you on a journey of discovery touching on almost every corner of the culinary Globe. It enables you to take good ingredients and turn them in to elevated versions of themselves applying minimum intervention. Curing as a food preparation method is also generous in the sense that a few simple main ingredients can yield so many wonderful products such as ham, bacon, pancetta and salami.

Course outline

  • Dry Curing

    Your lessons will begin with traditional dry curing. We’ll take the middle of an organic pig and show you how to transform it into pancetta-style streaky and back bacon.
  • Salting, Salami and Prosciutto Ham

    You’ll be shown how to prepare and salt a whole a leg of pork, for prosciutto-style, air-dried ham as well as making salami. This includes air-dried ham and Christmassy pork and orange zest salami.
  • Brine Curing, Salt Beef & Pastrami

    In this lesson you will dive into the world of brine curing. This invaluable skill will ensure you can even prepare a whole gammon, and as an alternative to pork you’ll learn how to make classic salt beef, pastrami or bresaola.
  • Building Your Own Smokers

    Lesson 4 will focus on hot and cold smoking, and how to build your own smokers at home. You’ll learn how to fillet and prepare fish for smoking, as well as how to create some wonderfully smoked fish and meat for yourself.

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    Exclusive assignment feedback from Expert Tutors
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    Share ideas with classmates from around the world

Meet Steven Lamb

Steven Lamb - Food & Drink
Author, teacher, presenter, consultant
Steven Lamb is a linchpin of the whole River Cottage operation and has been for more than a decade. He teaches on several courses at the Cookery School but specialises in curing and smoking meat. He wrote the best-selling River Cottage Curing & Smoking Handbook which received the Fortnum & Masons Highly Commended Food Book award. Since then he has contributed to the definitive A-Z of Ingredients and has just completed the next River Cottage Handbook, Cheese & Dairy which is due out in Spring 2018 . He works closely with founder Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall to represent River Cottage both in the UK and abroad.

Beyond River Cottage, Steven’s extensive food knowledge and talent for live hosting has put him at the centre of many of the best food shows and festivals, either leading his own cookery demonstration or compering the live stage for emerging and celebrity chefs. Always keen to share his knowledge, Steven regularly teaches at other UK and International cookery schools, and also uses his experience to consult on food projects for individuals and large organisations. He writes on an array of subjects for print and online.

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