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Course Description

Kimchi, kombucha, miso... it’s official, fermentation is one of the hottest food trends around. But it’s more than just a passing fad; humans have used pickles and probiotics for thousands of years, while many recent studies have shown the powerful potential of ‘friendly’ bacteria in relieving the symptoms of IBS and other conditions. And they have serious gourmet credentials too.

So dive into the world of healthy gut living with River Cottage and gut health expert Naomi Devlin. In six sessions you’ll get to grips with a basics of fermented, prebiotic, probiotic and anti-inflammatory food. You’ll discover new flavours, ingredients and techniques, all of which directly benefit you and your digestive health.

This course, filmed in the tranquility of River Cottage’s rustic surroundings, really makes you think about the potential for your diet to improve your gut health, without any detriment to taste or enjoyment. With an arsenal of garlic yoghurt, pickled plums and salsify fritters, you’ll be well equipped to provide for your gut. From dukkah and gomasio to kraut pickles and barley orzotto, you’ll be introduced to a plethora of food opportunities. With each lesson covering a different area (for instance diet plans or fermentation), by the end of this course you’ll have a true understanding of how to care for and trust your gut.

Course outline

  • Dukkah or Gomasio

    You’ll begin with some nutrient dense sprinkles such as dukkah or gomasio, which can bring a prebiotic and anti-inflammatory kick to almost any meal. These will really help you to embellish and improve your food.
  • Fermented Drinks and Pickles

    Next, you’ll study some fermented drinks and pickles, and learn about the role of friendly microbes in the body – plus how you can keep your microbiome happy with starch, fibre, fats and fermented foods. Then you’ll make our own batch of kimchi, kraut or brine pickles for you to mature safely at home.
  • Supercharge Your Gut

    You’ll make a dish that supercharges your gut microbiome without leaving you bloated. We’ll work with you on a ramen bowl with kimchi and bone broth, and a barley orzotto with roast roots and labneh. What you make will vary according to the season and your location, but it will always be delicious and full of prebiotic & probiotic ingredients.
  • Digestive Bitters

    Next you’ll learn about the benefits of bitter things to aid digestion and support liver function. You’ll taste some digestive bitters and make a jar of your own with seasonal aromatics like rhubarb, orange peel, apples, plums and gooseberries and a range of therapeutic herbs and spices.
  • Anti-inflammatory Treats

    Learn how to soothe inflammation and restore balance through food. You’ll learn about polyphenols and anti-inflammatories and make an anti-inflammatory treat to take home – maybe some raw cacao truffles, or a probiotic berry cheesecake.
  • Restoring Balance

    Still hungry for information? We will round off the course some of the diets that can help with digestive and immune issues. We encourage you to view this lesson, and chat to your classmates, while you sip a cup of anti-inflammatory tea such as soba cha or turmeric and black pepper

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    Start anytime and join a class of no more than 20 students
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    Practice what you learn with assignments after each lesson
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    Exclusive assignment feedback from Expert Tutors
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    Share ideas with classmates from around the world

Meet Naomi Devlin

Naomi Devlin - Food & Drink
Nutrition expert Naomi Devlin is an unashamed foodie who was blessed with a coeliac diagnosis. After studying native diets around the world, she now believes that the key to health and happiness is to cook from scratch wherever possible. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it should be tasty and satisfying.

Using gluten-free wholegrains and sourdough cultures she has been teaching people about the endless possibilities and rich flavours of gluten-free grains at the River Cottage Cookery School for many years.

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    Look no further than this collection to become a more ethical and more proficient chef.

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