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A sense of place - wild diningTaught by Valentine Warner

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Cheffing is an aspirational & skilled craft. But it shouldn’t solely be about the final dish – it's about food and nature taught together

  • Sweet Melliot

  • Trout with Wild Garlic

  • Venison with Dittander

  • Lamb with Cockles and Kale


Wherever you are in the world, immersing yourself in nature, will provide a menu that needs little superimposed upon it i.e rabbit and sweet melliot, trout with wild garlic, venison with dittander, lamb with cockles and kale, mussels with sea greens.

During the course, Valentine will introduce Miles Irving who has published one of the most important and complete books on foraged greenery. Forager Handguide (published)

In four different settings, Valentine and Miles take you through how the context of your environment guides your recipe choices and together they teach you how to make on location tasty dishes. You will come away understanding how to create a fully contextual and immersive foraging, cooking and dining experience. Four different recipes will be used as examples of how to use this natural and progressive approach to dining based on the natural world around you.

The Curriculum

  • 1. Rabbit and sweet melliot

  • 2. Trout with wild garlic

  • 3. Venison with dittander

  • 4. Lamb with cockles and kale & mussels with sea greens

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Valentine Warner (born 1972) is a chef. He started his television career on the BBC in Autumn 2008 with What to Eat Now, a cookery programme based on his book of the same name. Valentine Warner trai...read more

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