A Must Watch - Pollination Video

This video is not only beautifully shot, but very cleverly, if subliminally, it reminds us how nature is in fact made up of an intricate number of connections and interconnections. We are only a tiny part of these vast connections - we're part of this huge ecosystem of which pollination is a key part. This video is hard to criticize, both in message and in visual cinematography. Awesome stuff by TED.

Let's all play our part in helping with pollination by supporting our insects through the right style of gardening. There are many ways to do this - consider your planting plans carefully (see Hilary Thomas courses), and plant insect loving plants. We think that over the next few years 'double' petaled flowers will become less popular, as they are a struggle for the poor bees to get into. If you are serious about helping the bees - then you should do Phil Chandler's Beekeeping Course, which is all about natural beekeeping. Natural Beekeeping’ differs in some important respects from the conventional approach to this subject. Phil's focus is on keeping bees for their own sake, rather than simply for the products of their labour. (But he says: "Of course, we also appreciate what they do for us and if there is a surplus of honey, we will be pleased to have some for ourselves".)

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