Autumn is the Time to Pick-Up a Garden Bargain!

Now is the time to pick up a 'garden bargain' in your local Garden Centre or Nursery!

It's at this time of year many nurseries try to reduce their stock so they don't have to over winter it and this means that Sale prices on trees and shrubs allow thrifty gardeners to spuce up their gardens for winter at a fraction of the normal cost.

Autumn is the best time of year to add plants to the landscape because the cool soil and' fall' rains encourage stronger root growth.

Look for plants that will enhance your garden during the cold, dark months of November, December and January.

For those looking for further help and advice consider Andy McIndoe's courses on Trees and Shrubs

A Professional Guide to Choosing, Using and Planting Trees

A Professional Guide to Choosing, Using and Planting Shrubs

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