Elements of Life

By Laura Kerrigan

Elements of Life Concept Garden


This concept garden takes the viewer underground to explore plant roots and scientific soil composition in order to encourage better understanding of the significance of well- maintained soil.

On a stainless steel base in which the names of all the elements are engraved, sits a large water tank. The water symbolises life and the movement of bubbles within it, which are visible to the viewer, represent the exchange of elements with the plants' roots.

Above the water, the roots of the plants are visible, encased in a transparent cube. At 'ground level' a wild-flower meadow and single fruit tree are thriving.


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Laura Kerrigan

Loving everyday as the Head of Marketing for MyOnlineSchool. What better way to spend your time than working with passionate individuals that want to teach or learn more about Antiques, Gardening and Photography. For 16 years I have been immersed in the marketing world. Though my specialism is Digital I have been worked in PR and Integrated agencies as well as client side and events. Locations have included world wide destinations such as London, Sydney, Brisbane, Amsterdam and Dublin. More recently I relocated to Lancashire. Over the years my focus has been on Global Digital & Social Media Networks across 53 local markets. During this period I have given regular industry talks, university seminars and trade press interviews across the varied topics. I am a driven professional possessing a depth of experience in all aspects of marketing communications and a belief that great advertising not only changes minds, it also directly influences behaviour. Since the start of my journey with Graphic Information Design BA(Hons); creativity and strategy has been the source of my enthusiasm and skill. That being said all the above truly boils down to is experience with customers and their ecommerce journey with a product.

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