How to Find The Best Gardening Course Near You

MyGardenSchool has spent the last few months researching gardening courses across the United Kingdon. We've looked at the good the bad and the ugly, and have compiled our information by county so you can find the nearest gardens and gardening courses to you. We'll also be doing this country by country, so soon you'll know the best gardening courses across the US by region, across South Africa by region and Europe - or indeed wherever you are. You get the idea. We've been pleasantly surprised at the quality of some horticulture courses nestling in remote areas, and where we've found real gems, we're also surfacing the tutors within MyGardenSchool to give them exposure to gardening enthusiasts across the globe. Many areas aren't too rich in gardening courses or places to study horticulture, which is why MyGardenSchool was born, and is here for you to study with the best, wherever you're located.

In the meantime - please search by area for a gardening course near you. And if you have further information about your local courses please comment and we'll add it. Otherwise of course - we'd recommend you'll only really find the true gardening experts to learn from at MyGardenSchool! And you get to do it from the comfort of your own home..

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