How to Instantly Give your Garden some Life at this time of Year

It can be a difficult time of year for the garden right now.  When it’s not frosty, we’ve kind of gone beyond the leaving sculptural seedheads for frosty magic stage.  Yet it’s too early, too risky to be putting out tonnes of seeds and bedding plants.  Some bulbs are doing us proud and coming up – but tulips aren’t quite there yet for the full divine Spring colour show.   And in many cases snowdrops and crocuses can be starting to fade.

DSC_2532DSC_2552The way to bridge this seasonal transition is surely through pots.   Pots are a fantastic way of giving beauty, whilst giving the rest of the garden time to catch up.  It’s tempting to just stick with the trusty polyanthus and pansies that the garden centres are always full of this year.  But why not try something different?

Perhaps something more contextual with the setting of your garden? Our garden is quite rural, and surrounded by mature trees and beech hedge.

DSC_2527-1DSC_2535.NEF-1So we decided to go with a ‘woodland pots’ theme.   We have hellebores (not supposed to be grown in pots but we do!), some shallow troughs of tiny cyclamen, with moss added for more of a woodland carpet feel, and the beautiful fritillaria meleagris.  Don’t be afraid to experiment!

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