Lavender: An Interview with Anne Butler of Lavenderfields, Hampshire, UK

By Andy McIndoe

How to grow Lavender and more..

I don’t know about you but I just love lavender. I love those grey and blue shades in the garden, I love the smell of foliage and flowers, and I often burn lavender oil when I’m writing. I find that fragrance wonderfully calming, relaxing, reassuring and almost nostalgic. It’s as if I’ve just opened a chest of drawers as a child, or taken a peak in my mother’s desk. Having said that I usually add a few drops of lavender oil to my shaving oil; it’s a great start to the day.

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Tim and Anne Butler grow lavender at Harley Park Farm in the heart of the Hampshire countryside. Their wonderful lavender oil contributes its incredible fragrance to cosmetics, chocolate, cookies, honey and a host of fabulous products. They know everything there is to know about growing, drying and using lavender, so I was delighted when Anne agreed to join me as a gust on my blog and share some fragrant secrets.

P7107363How did you and Tim get into growing lavender Anne, and how long have you been hooked?

A fellow hop grower introduced us to a lavender grower who wanted to sell her ongoing business We have had the business for 14 years but growing here for 12 years.

What do you consider to be the secrets of growing the best lavender?

Well drained soil plenty of sunshine

Which varieties of lavender would you recommend to the gardener and why?

Hidcote for best all rounder

Imperial gem foe that amazing blue

Grosso for perfume bees and butterflies

Thumberlina lee small compact ideal pot plant

We’ve probably all cut and dried lavender, and may have made lavender bags. What else can you do with dried lavender?

Confetti ,pot pourri, wheat bags,fantastic for cooking cakes ,puddings even with your roast lamb (just place a sprig of fresh lavender under your joint of meat)


What are the best uses for lavender oil?

Lavender oil can be put straight on the skin and is known for its healing properties and therefore is ideal for burns,stings ,and

Cuts.Keeps those little visitors away from cats and dogs

Great Soporific value so ideal to help you sleep

Lavender fields home fragrance group shotI know the oils smell different; which is your favourite?

The Lavendins aroma is my favorite fresh and strong

Tims of course is lavender the grassy intense smell

Why do you think the fragrance of lavender is so enduring?

Brings back memories for all ,and popular for all ages


So are you into gardening in the broader sense?

Yes we are keen we grow all our own veg and open our garden for the public

For open days and the cream tea season

Do you get lots of visitors to the farm?

Yes we have a shop open all year with plants gifts and body products. Cream teas and visits in the summer

Talks ,and advice all year round come and visit

Shop interior

Lavenderfields also have a great online shop supplying the very essence of Hampshire lavender – click here to take a look!

Andy McIndoe

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