Market Analysis: US Lawns and Garden Consumables Market Still on a Growth Path to 2016

By Alex N

Interesting analysis of the lawns, and gardens consumable market for 2016.  Growth is still predicted! (US).  So it seems environmental and economic factors still can't curb people's love of their lawns and gardens..we’re still going to be spending on our lawn care, and pesticides and fertilizers.

Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/01/2012 -- This study analyzes the US lawn and garden consumables industry. It presents historical demand data for the years 2001, 2006 and 2011, and forecasts for 2016 and 2021 by product (e.g., fertilizers, pesticides, growing media, seeds, mulch), formulation (conventional, organic), market (e.g., residential, golf courses), application (e.g., lawn and turf care, gardens and borders), end user (consumer/DIY, professional) and US region. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market shares and profiles more than 30 US industry players such as Bayer, Central Garden & Pet, Scotts Miracle-Gro and Turf Care Supply.
US demand to rise 3.3% annually through 2016

Moody morning shot Demand for packaged lawn and garden consumables is projected to increase 3.3 percent annually to nearly $9 billion in 2016. Gains will be boosted by the ongoing economic recovery and a rebound in residential construction activity following a decline of historic proportions. Moreover, the participation rate for lawn and garden activities is projected to increase following a downturn precipitated by the 2007-2009 recession.

Pesticides, fertilizers to remain largest segments
Pesticides and fertilizers will remain the largest product types in the lawn and garden consumables market. Volume increases for fertilizers will be driven by the recovery of the housing market, which will create demand for fertilizers used in conjunction with new lawn installations, as well as in rehabilitating lawns on properties that have been vacant for long periods of time. Product innovations such as specialized spreaders designed to fit precisely with fertilizer, seed and pesticide packaging will also boost advances, particularly among homeowners who are casual participants in lawn and garden activity.

The pesticide product mix will be influenced by concerns about user safety and long-term environmental impact. Such concerns will contribute to faster growth for natural and organic lawn and garden products, including pesticides.

Growing media, seeds, mulch to see good gains
Growing media, seeds, and mulch will see above average gains, based primarily on the overall recovery of the lawn and garden market, as well as the success of premium soil formulations. In addition, a trend toward larger garden and landscaping beds in order to reduce lawn sizes will provide opportunities for growing media. The rebound in new home construction will promote sales of grass seed for the installation of new lawns. However, a desire for smaller lawns, or at least less grass cover, will limit gains somewhat. A renewed interest in food gardening will also provide opportunities for seeds. Mulch will also benefit from renewed garden and landscaping activity, and is expected to post gains comparable to the overall average through 2016. The continued penetration of higher-value products such as colored and rubber mulch will be among the factors driving demand.
Western US to remain most significant regional market
Growth in each geographic region is expected to be an improvement over the market’s performance in the 2006-2011 period, during which both a recession and a collapse of the US housing market occurred. The Southern region is projected to register above-average gains, due to faster population growth created in part by in-migration from elsewhere in the US, a somewhat stronger economic performance, and a less developed professional market. The Western region will remain by far the most significant regional market for lawn and garden consumables, due to similar demographic advantages enjoyed by the South, as well as the large numbers of golf courses in California and other Western states.

Additional Information
This report covers the market for lawn and garden consumables, which in general include packaged consumable products used in the maintenance of turf, gardens, borders, and other outside areas. Bulk items, household insecticides, equipment, and other “hard goods” such as trellises or brick are excluded from the scope of this study, as are any related service revenues. The report provides an analysis of the consumables market in the US by product (pesticides, fertilizer, seeds, growing media, mulch, and other), by market (residential, golf course, government and institutional, commercial and industrial, and other), by application (lawn and turf care, gardens and borders, and other), and by end user (consumer/do-it-yourself and professional).

Product data on the aggregate level is provided in pounds. Macroeconomic and demographic indicators used in this study were obtained from The Freedonia Group Consensus Forecasts dated April 2012. The term “demand” is used synonymously with “sales” and/or “apparent consumption” and denotes production plus imports less exports. Throughout the study, demand for lawn and garden consumables is related to various indicators for comparative purposes and to facilitate further analysis. Demand is presented at the manufacturers’ level. Tabular details may not add due to independent rounding, and ratios may be rounded for the sake of clarity.

Information and sources of data about lawn and garden consumables were obtained from a variety of primary and secondary sources, including government and trade associations, industry participants, online databases, and other studies published by The Freedonia Group. Other secondary data and information were obtained from various trade publications including Chemical & Engineering News, Chemical Week, CropLife, Hardware Retailing, Home Channel News, ICIS Chemical Business, Mother Earth News, Organic Gardening, Retailing Today, Seed World, and Waste & Recycling News. Information was also obtained from trade associations such as Beyond Pesticides, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, National Gardening Association, and the Professional Landcare Network. Corporate annual reports, SEC Form 10-K filings and other company information were used extensively in framing the Industry Structure and Market Environment sections of the study and as input for application size assessments.
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Table Of contents
General 4
Macroeconomic Outlook 5
Demographic Trends 8
Consumer Income & Spending Patterns12
Housing Outlook15
Nonresidential Building Trends20
Lawn & Garden Market Overview24
Home Gardening Activity Outlook27
Landscaping & Lawn Care Industry Outlook31
Golf Course Outlook33
Agrochemical Market Overview35
Organic Gardening Outlook38
Regulatory & Environmental Issues41
Other Lawn & Garden Consumables45
Raw Materials47
Pricing Issues48
Historical Market Trends51
International Activity & Foreign Trade54
Other Pesticides70
Media, Formulations, & Type78
Applications & Markets84
Grass & Turf Seed89
Other Seeds92
Growing Media94
Packaged Soil97
Soil Amendments 100
Compost 102
Peat 104
Other Soil Amendments 105
Mulch 106
Other 112
Markets 114
Residential 116
Golf Courses 120
Government & Institutional 124
Commercial & Industrial 126
Other Markets 128
Applications 131
Lawn & Turf Care 132
Gardens & Borders 137
Other Applications 139
End Users 141
Consumer/DIY 142
Professional 144
Lawn Care & Landscaping Service Firms 146
Other Professional End Users 148
General 150
Regional Demographic & Economic Trends 151
Regional Population Patterns 151
Regional Economic Trends 153
Regional Housing Trends 156
Regional Lawn & Garden Consumables Demand 158
Northeast 160
Midwest 162
South 164
West 166
Industry Composition 170
Market Share 172
Consumer Products 174
Professional Products 178
Industry Restructuring 181
Competitive Strategies 183
Brand Name Recognition 184
Marketing 186
Conventional Advertising 187
Strategic Media Partnerships 188
Internet 189
Other 189
Packaging 190
Product Line Expansion 190
Product Focus 192
Cooperative Agreements 193
Manufacturing 195
Distribution Channels 197
Retail Distribution 197
Home Centers 198
Mass Merchandisers 199
Garden Centers 200
Mail Order/Internet 201
Other 202
Professional Market Distribution 204
Direct Sales 204
Professional Service Firms 205
Agricultural Chemical Distributors 205
Other 206
Company Profiles 206
Ace Hardware Corporation 207
AE McKenzie, see Jiffy International
Agrium Incorporated 208
AMBRANDS, see Central Garden & Pet
Andersons Incorporated 213
APEX Nursery Fertilizer, see Simplot (JR)
Bayer AG 221
BEST Turf Fertilizer, see Simplot (JR)
Bonide Products Incorporated 227
Burpee (W. Atlee) & Company 230
Central Garden & Pet Company 231
Conrad Fafard, see Syngenta
Crop Production Services, see Agrium
Darling International Incorporated 238
Deere & Company 239
Dow Chemical Company 241
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 243
Espoma Company 245
Ferry-Morse Seed, see Jiffy International
FMC Corporation 247
Gardens Alive! Incorporated 251
Grant Laboratories, see Central Garden & Pet
Green Light, see Sumitomo Chemical
Griffin Industries, see Darling International
Haifa Chemicals Limited 253
Home Depot Incorporated 254
International Mineral Technologies, see Agrium
Jacklin Seed, see Simplot (JR)
Jiffy International AS 255
John Deere Landscapes, see Deere
Kmart Holding, see Sears Holdings
Land O’ Lakes Incorporated 257
Lebanon Seaboard Corporation 259
Lilly Miller Brands, see Central Garden & Pet
Liquid Fence Company 263
Loveland Products, see Agrium
Lowe’s Companies Incorporated 265
McLaughlin Gormley King Company 266
Monsanto Company 267
Not Tonight Deer! 270
Pennington Seed, see Central Garden & Pet
Premier Tech Limited 271
Royal Barenbrug Group 274
Scotts Miracle-Gro Company 276
Sears Holdings Corporation 285
Seminis Vegetable Seeds, see Monsanto
Senoret Chemical, see Woodstream
ServiceMaster Company 286
Simplot (JR) Company 287
Spectrum Brands Holdings Incorporated 291
Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited 294
Sun Gro Horticulture Incorporated 300
Syngenta AG 303
Tech Pac, see Central Garden & Pet
TETRA Micronutrients, see Agrium
TurfCare Supply Corporation 308
Valent BioSciences, see Sumitomo Chemical
Valent USA, see Sumitomo Chemical
Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated 309
Winfield Solutions, see Land O’ Lakes
Woodstream Corporation 311
Zep Incorporated 314
Other Companies Mentioned in the Study 317
Summary Table 3
1 Macroeconomic Indicators 8
2 Population & Households12
3 Personal Consumption Expenditures15
4 New Housing Indicators20
5 Nonresidential Building Stock & Building Space24
6 Lawn & Garden Sales & Services Revenues27
7 Consumer Lawn & Garden Retail Expenditures31
8 Landscaping & Lawn Care Indicators33
9 Golf Courses & Acreage35
10 Agrochemical Demand38
11 Organic Gardening Product Sales41
12 Lawn & Garden Chemical Raw Materials Demand48
13 Lawn & Garden Consumables Prices51
14 Lawn & Garden Consumables Market, 2001-201153
1 Lawn & Garden Consumables Sales by Type & Formulation58
2 Pesticide Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications62
3 Herbicide Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications66
4 Insecticide Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications70
5 Other Pesticide Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications73
6 Pesticide Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications by Formulation75
7 Fertilizer Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications78
8 Fertilizer Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications by Media & Type81
9 Fertilizer Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications by Formulation84
10 Lawn & Garden Fertilizer Sales by Application & Market86
11 Seed Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications89
12 Growing Media Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications97
13 Packaged Soil Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications by Type & Formulation 100
14 Packaged Soil Amendment Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications by Type 102
15 Mulch Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications 111
16 Other Consumables Sales in Lawn & Garden Applications 113
1 Lawn & Garden Consumables Sales by Market 115
2 Residential Market for Lawn & Garden Consumables 120
3 Golf Course Market for Lawn & Garden Consumables 123
4 Government & Institutional Market for Lawn & Garden Consumables 126
5 Commercial & Industrial Market for Lawn & Garden Consumables 128
6 Other Markets for Lawn & Garden Consumables 130
7 Lawn & Garden Consumables Sales by Application 132
8 Lawn & Turf Care Applications for Lawn & Garden Consumables 136
9 Garden & Border Applications for Lawn & Garden Consumables 139
10 Other Applications for Lawn & Garden Consumables 141
11 Lawn & Garden Consumables Sales by End User 142
12 Consumer/DIY Market for Lawn & Garden Consumables 144
13 Professional Market for Lawn & Garden Consumables 146
14 Lawn Care & Landscaping Service Firm Market for Lawn & Garden Consumables 148
15 Other Professional Markets for Lawn & Garden Consumables 149
1 Population by Region 153
2 Gross Domestic Product by Region 155
3 Regional Housing Indicators 158
4 Lawn & Garden Consumables Sales by Region 160
5 Northeast Demand for Lawn & Garden Consumables 162
6 Midwest Demand for Lawn & Garden Consumables 164
7 South Demand for Lawn & Garden Consumables 166
8 West Demand for Lawn & Garden Consumables 169
1 US Lawn & Garden Consumables Sales by Company, 2011 171
2 Selected Acquisitions & Divestitures 182
3 Selected Cooperative Agreements 195
List Of Charts
1 Lawn & Garden Consumables Market, 2001-201154
1 Lawn & Garden Consumables Sales by Type, 201159
1 Lawn & Garden Consumables Sales by Market, 2011 116
1 US Lawn & Garden Consumables Market Share, 2011 174
2 Consumer Lawn & Garden Consumables Market Share, 2011 175
3 Professional Lawn & Garden Consumables Market Share, 2011 179

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