MyGardenSchool Online Gardening Courses Are Back! Book Now for Aug/Sept!

Hello everyone.  So we’ve had every web company’s nightmare today.  An outage that was beyond our control!  No websites… nothing.  Not even an error message.  Just the stuff bad dreams are made of.  And of course we are acutely aware that today is one of our mostly heavily trafficked days for those of you looking for online gardening courses.

Book Online Gardening Courses Here!
Thank goodness, we are back up!  But I know some of you will have tried and failed to book your online gardening courses today.  Firstly please accept our sincere apologies.  We are already making some big changes to make sure this never happens again.

Secondly – we have extended our booking period, so you are able to book your August and September online gardening courses throughout the day tomorrow and SUNDAY!.  Hoorah!

*runs off for a stiff gin*

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