The Grow Your Own Movement

We believe we're currently on the cusp of a grow your own revolution. People are tired of the big supermarkets, the government, the import legistation, imported fruits picked too early, and hiked prices. It's a sign of our times, that people want to get back to their own nests, and are taking increasing pleasure in nurturing, growing and harvesting their own food. We like interesting stats at MyGardenSchool. And we love growing our own. And allotments. Check out this cool schematic courtesy of lovethegarden.

Grow your own

Grow your own infographic from

If you're interested in growing your own and have a small city garden you will probably like Edible Gardening Made Easy, or if you're starting an allotment in the city, or anywhere else for that matter - this course is excellent for learning the basics of vegetable growing

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