Top Ten Last Minute Gardening Gifts for Christmas

1. Gift an online gardening course, the perfect gift for your loved ones wherever they are in the world. It's relevant for any country, instantly, and you can buy an online gardening course as a last minute present right up until Christmas Eve!

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Bronze Garden Cloches.


The victorians knew how to make things well. two sizes, made with bronze patinated brass and glass. Heavy, durable and very fit for purpose.



Who wouldn't love a succulent orb? Created in Santa Cruz, California, these orbs can be made by taking cuttings of your favorite succulents and showing them off up in the air. From a mini-orb form priced at $14.99 to an extra large model for 74.99, you can create your own green masterpiece. A package of an assortment of 100 succulent cuttings for roughly $60.00 can be ordered at the same time. Order from


Seed bombs are perfect for those hard to reach places in your garden where you would love to see a splash of flower colour. All you have to do is prepare your bomb and launch or throw it where there is a lack of floral beauty!

Calling all guerrilla gardeners! Engage in random acts of guerrilla gardening with our seed bomb making kit. Produce your own bombs which encase seeds in a protective coating until the conditions are right for them to explode with colour.


5.  You can’t beat a fresh herb salad for taste, and this will ensure you always have a good supply to hand. The kit comprises a windowsill-size growing box and four pots with a variety of herb seeds.

Unwins Kitchen Garden herb kit, £4.99, order by 20 Dec

Buy online at


6.  Antique garden tools From £25 01844 279170; If you garden sustainably, you’ll probably appreciate antique tools like these gently refurbished old garden forks.




7. Sturdy, 8 litre galvanised watering can with brass rose. Will last a lifetime or longer! A lovely heirloom to hand down the generations.

8.   This new small double chambered insect habitat (top varying size canes-bottom solid bored timber) is ideal for hanging in a sheltered garden or house wall or orchard. This is a general insect habitat. The holes may be used by solitary bees such as Mason Bees or Leafcutter Bees which are non aggressive and excellent for pollinating in the garden helping to increase fruit yields. The durable roof and solid timber construction give excellent insulation for over wintering Ladybirds and Lacewings which help control aphids and reduce garden chemical use. Site in a sheltered spot preferably to catch the morning sun. "The Natural Home for Insects".

9.  Tend’s Eco Orbs provide a fresh solution to providing greenery indoors. For those who need a creative gardening outlet but have limited room the Deluxe Tilly Garden Eco Orb Kit is perfect. Each kit includes everything needed to create two stylish gardens for two very chic plants. Unique on its own and striking in groups the Tilly Garden Eco Orbs are a contemporary gift.

10.  Minigarden is perfect for building a small living wall or simply combine together to create a large vertical garden.

Minigarden is suitable for growing fresh aromatic herbs in your kitchen or outside on your balcony. The modular system allows your vertical garden to be as large or small as you wish.  A contemporary and chic solution for patios, decks, rooftops and around fencing or windows.



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