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For those of you who are from climes other than the UK, The RHS is the Royal Horticultural Society. The Royal Horticultural Society is generally considered to be the lynchpin of gardening in the UK. They are the organizers of the world famous Chelsea Flower Show (amongst other gardening shows and other horticultural events) - and they also do some incredible work on research, education and support for horticulture worldwide. The RHS have teamed up with MyGardenSchool this week, which means we are delighted to be featured on The RHS Gardening Courses pages on their website.

For many years the RHS has had a bit of a reputation for being a little old fashioned, and perhaps not as inclusive of the younger crowd as they could be (ie 16-35s). And some would argue they have been a little slow to understand that urban gardening, grow your own, and planting design aren't just the prerogative of the more mature ladies. At MyGardenSchool we believe gardening can be a thrill for all ages and nationalities. The youth of today are embracing gardening as a therapy, a hobby and in conjunction with a new found respect for our planet. We think the RHS are beginning to catch up, and we look forward to more collaborative projects with MyGardenSchool gardening courses and the RHS going forward

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