What to do in the garden this weekend. A garden is for life; not just for Easter!

The sun has finally come out, and you’re wondering what to do in the garden this weekend to make it look like other people’s.  Or, dare I say it, even better than other people’s!  Do you clear it all up, start mowing, rush to the garden centre and buy loads of stuff…?  Well yes probably all of these things.  But we just wanted to remind you that a garden’s for life; not just for Easter.


You need to plan ahead.  Think about how you want your garden to look in the height of summer, autumn colours, winter structure, and how it might look next Spring when you've planted your Spring bulbs!  Wherever you are in the world, to some extent the same rules apply.   To get that stunning, designer look garden for the summer, where you can entertain guests, dine al fresco in amongst beautiful colour schemes and scents, you have to have planned your garden well in advance.

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As well as having sensual finishing touches, your underlying garden design structure needs to make sense.  It needs to be cohesive.  Is your garden designed so you are dining outside and have the gentle sun in the evenings?  Is there some shade to be able to eat out at lunchtime if you need to?  All these things need careful thought.


If you’re ready to refresh your garden this year – maybe think about taking a garden design course with one of the world’s most acclaimed designers, before going off and buying things.  If you’re happy with the structure and design, perhaps think about learning more about what plants to choose for your own aspect.  You could also think about how to decorate your garden.  Think about getting expert advice on furnishings, lighting and other decorating tips for your outside rooms.

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