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What Vegetables Can I Plant Now?

If you're looking for what vegetables to grow in your garden now, or a vegetable growing diary, -we're here to help!    We thought we'd start gather information real-time from our students in different areas in the world, as to what food to plant right now.  Whether you're an allotment gardener, have veg in pots, or a kitchen garden -  we'd love to hear what YOU've planted!   So we've been tweeting and facebooking to all our twitter gardening enthusiasts, and our facebook gardeners to get their hot tips (and thanks to our blotanical and MyGardenSchool flickr mates too!).  Please feel free to comment with your own list in our comments box  if you live in a different region from the ones currently listed. And we'll aggregate them all into the web's best vegetable growing diary over time!

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