What Your Flower Choice Says About You

By Andy McIndoe

Do You Know Which Plant Makes Us Happiest?

Apparently experts have come up with a simple online test that reveals how your favourite plants can reflect your personality. The ‘quiz’ is part of a unique experiment at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 (19-23 May) aimed at answering the question: what plant makes us happiest?

Visitors to the show will be presented with a shortlisted display of twenty plants. The individual’s reactions to the flowers will be monitored by special equipment which will record, smiles, frowns and gestures to ascertain which makes them happiest.

You can participate in selection of the shortlist by visiting http://www.daviddomoney.com/plant-personality/to cast your vote and find out your own ‘plant personality’.


Classifications are:


Likes peonies and foxgloves: You’re a traditionalist with a strong sense of identity. Like classic plants, you’re understated and will fit in anywhere. You find beauty in the simple things and appreciate what you have.

You love plants that remind you of happiness in your past and always make the most of time in the garden.

20040605-Kathy Brown 039


Likes roses and forget-me-nots: You understand that plants are a symbol of love. Romantic personalities are soft, generous, and also fiercely passionate (forget-me-nots? Passionate? I don’t think so!).

You are sentimental and love to daydream, but keep your feet firmly on the ground. You know your heart and always follow it.

4 Forget me not - myosotis


Likes daisies and poppies: You’re a calm and easy-going person. Relaxed personalities are spontaneous and carefree, and hate to make a fuss.

You dislike too much order and formalities - preferring to do things your own way. You love spending time relaxing in the garden and thrive on having people around you.



Likes hibiscus and Aloe vera (Not sure about this one – wouldn’t say many people remind me of Aloe vera!):Like bold plants, you’re strong and independent and won’t let others push you about.

But you also have a softer streak that people discover as they get to know you. You’re bright and courageous, and fiercely loyal to your friends and family.

6 Hibiscus


Likes sunflowers and daffodils:You always have a smile on your face. Cheerful personalities are friendly and fun to be around. You know how important it is to stay positive and take happiness from the little things in life.

Your enthusiasm makes those around you feel happy. You love nothing more than spending a sunny day in the garden.


So that’s the classification being used. They say all people resemble their dogs (and vice versa), but do we resemble our flowers? – Not necessarily in appearance but in character.

Which flower would you like to reflect your personality? Are you a modest violet or a flamboyant orchid, a sleek and sophisticated tulip or a simple, pretty primrose?


A dark purple-black tulip is one of my favourite flowers, however I’m not sure I want to think of this reflecting my personality. Its appearance in the garden is brief, good in the first year after planting, then often reliable and fading when the going gets tough.

A dark and refined hellebore on the other hand is longer lasting, a hardy perennial that performs year after year. I would probably rather be one of those.

9 Helleborus x hybridus

Lots of flowers make me smile when they first appear. There is a great sense of excitement when the buds of oriental poppies burst from those green, bristly capsules to reveal their silky petals.

I’m not sure my reaction to the image of a poppy in full bloom would be the same as my reaction to the same plant in the garden which fades almost as soon as it opens, or collapses quickly leaving a gap in the border.

As much as I love these flowers I’m not sure they reflect my personality.


So we would like to hear from you which flower best reflects your personality and is this the flower you really want to be? You can choose a plant instead.

Are you a cactus or a lavender? A hardy perennial or a hot house subject? Post your answers below and we’ll see which species predominate amongst our readers.

Andy McIndoe

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