Which Plants Would You Save at The #EndofTheWorld?!

According to the Mayan Apocalypse Prophecy, The World Ends today.  Well timings may differ a little depending on where you are in the world I guess?!  (Incidentally, it did occur to me whilst writing this post, that I’m not sure quite how to tell if the world has indeed ended!)

The end of the 5,125-year Mayan Long Calendar had triggered predictions of a catastrophic end for mankind, but according to the US Geological Survey it was a "fairly unremarkable day on planet Earth." There’s apparently been 120 small earthquakes, including a moderate one in Japan, which was "very much a normal day."

As dawn broke over the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in Mexico, thousands of mystics, hippies, druids and pagans celebrated with crystal skulls, ceremonial fires, drums beating and conches blaring when the sun came up.  It seems like we may survive another day.  So don’t pack up your tools just yet.

I wonder though.. if the world was ending.. which of your plants would you snatch a cutting of on your way out?!   Here are my top favourite plants if I have to pick three to save at the #endoftheworld.  Tell us yours!

Gunnera manicata

Gunnera seems to polarise people. You either love it or hate it. I love it. It’s so majestic, sculptural and well.. massive! It gives people Lilliputian proportions, and reminds us of nature’s prowess as an architect.  Surely this incredible monster of a plant has to be saved



So which ones exactly I’m unsure of. Probably one of the more traditional deep purple ones. This is really for my grandmother, who was the person who first encouraged me to become a passionate gardener as a child


Fritillaria meleagris

Again a sentimental choice.  Definitely not practical – as they’re not going to be easy to grow on my new planet (well actually who knows!) – and they don’t stick around for long.  But their chequered beauty and jewel like qualities on mass never fail to impress me.


*Er I might add, not sure how these are going to work in combination.. please don’t consider this a planting scheme for the new planet either..!


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