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Are chickens good for pest control?


Are chickens good for pest control?

by 4 years ago

My partner and I are very interested in permaculture and have been reading up about it for the last few months - would love to do a course if one does become available here!

We are gradually making some changes and planning a few more - We were wondering about animals..

Would it be a good idea to use chickens for day time pest control in an effort to keep insects  down in a food forest?

We are surrounded by urban foxes here, has anyone successfully kept chicken like this with foxes around?

Big thanks in advance! :)

4 years ago
Chickens need protecting securely if there are foxes around definitely! Chicks are good for pest control but never underestimate how much damage they can cause by scratching around in a small space. My advice is keep them contained and let them roam freely on occasions when you can really keep an eye on them.

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