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by 2 years ago

When is the best time to replant my blueberry bushes which have grown too large for their pot?

2 years ago
I have the same problem! I think you can do it in autumn or spring, just make sure you use ericaceous compost. I am going to plant mine in the ground as they have got too large for pots, but I'll be adding sulphur chips to the soil to help reduce the pH levels. I don't have scientific proof this works, but I also mulch with grapefruit halves in winter (when there are no fruit flies about) which helps keep weeds out.
2 years ago
Hi Penelope, Jane is quite right - replant in autumn or spring, depending on when you have the time. The most important thing is definitely to use ericaceous compost when you repot. I wouldn't plant in your soil unless you're sure you have an acidic (pH of less than 7) soil from the start - although sulphur chips, mulching with composted bracken etc does work over some time you would have very unhappy blueberries while you were waiting for the soil to change! Better by far to work with what you've got - so assuming you have neutral or alkaline compost, I would stick with growing your blueberries in containers.

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