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Brown spots/curling leaves


Brown spots/curling leaves

by 3 years ago

Have four brand new roses (in Idaho, US), one of which is a David Austin, that have been in the ground only about a month.  The Austin has looked a bit puny from the start, and now it definitely looks stunted.  All of them have copious brown spots on leaves, which are also curling up -- like tissue paper.  They are in fresh new garden soil and have been fertilized with a high quality organic concoction.  One rose is blooming with lots more buds, and a second looks like it will bloom soon, but I'm not sure how long it'll be before the flowers are affected or the whole plants just give up the ghost.  We purchased from a highly reliable nursery in our area, but I may be tempted to return them.  Disease, do you think, or pest?  Thanks!

3 years ago
Oh dear that doesn't sound too good. it is difficult to say from the description - can you send a picture please. Have you sprayed them at all with anything? what varieties have been effected? Michael

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