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Cherry Trees - covered in black fly!

Cherry Trees - covered in black fly!

by 3 years ago


We've just planted a cherry tree (Stella variety) and the top section is absolutely covered in black fly! Does anyone have tips to get rid of them? Keen not to use harsh chemicals so suggestions for anything natural would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks, Daphne

3 years ago
Hi Daphne, Oh dear.. the dreaded black fly! Have the leaves on the tree curled up? Unfortunately once that has happened the damage has been done and spraying/treating won't really be effective. There are some organic sprays on the market but it is important to get the tree sprayed before the black fly do any damage. Good luck! David
3 years ago
Hi Daphne and David, Welcome to the MyGardenSchool community. Lovely to have you with us! Daphne - Sounds like good advice from David. Let us know how you get on. All the best, Amy
3 years ago
Hi Daphne, We've had problems with it this year too! Sounds like we'll need to take action faster next year :)

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