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Christmas new potatoes

Christmas new potatoes

by 2 years ago

I have heard that potatoes can be chitted and planted now/soon so as to have new potatoes for Christmas- how is this done?

2 years ago
That's right - I've just planted mine :D It's a bit late in the year to be honest - better to start them in August - but if you get your skates on you can just about manage it from seed potatoes planted now. I use potato sacks as that way I can bring them in under cover into the greenhouse once the weather starts getting cold from November-ish: at the moment they are outside though. Some plant them in the ground but they are very susceptible to blight at this time of year, and also even with a couple of layers of fleece over the top the frosts almost always get the top growth. You plant two or three tubers to a sack: you'll need a second early variety like Charlotte, and 'second cropping' potatoes, sometimes sold as Christmas potatoes - you might find a few left on sale now though it is late in the season. Grow as usual, watering well through the autumn and earthing up (pile in more compost around the stems). Then on Christmas morning, tip out your bags and you should have enough spuds for your Christmas dinner!

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