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Creating an area for children in the garden


Creating an area for children in the garden

by 4 years ago

Hi All,

I've decided to take a rather overgrown and unused corner of our garden and give it a bit of a makeover for my children. I was planning on painting some old tyres we have and letting them do some planting so that they can really get involved. I've spent the day clearing and am currently tingling as I type after getting stung by a HUGE amount of nettles ;o) 

Has anyone done anything similar in their garden or for a client? I'd love to see some ideas for inspiration. Have been trawling pinterest but would be brill to hear from you if you've got any thoughts?

I'll share pics as I go along too! :) 

4 years ago
Hi Becca - Great project for the summer. I think the most important thing to remember when encouraging children to garden is that they like to see results quickly. Quick maturing veggies like radishes, fast growing flowers like calendulas are ideal. Children will take a great deal of responsibility in a garden if they can see things happening. They will check daily, water regularly and tend the garden - just don't be too ambitious. They also love growing things that attract bees, butterflies and other insects. Worth sowing Phacelia - fast growing, pretty and can be used as a green manure - bees and butterflies love it. Andy
4 years ago
Thanks Andy!
4 years ago
Hi Andy, Love those ideas, thank you! I hadn't considered the speed of the things growing. You are so right re them seeing things happening. My daughter was on daily watch of her sunflower recently :) We are absolutely wanting things that attract bees so thank you very much for the Phacelia suggestion. I wasn't familiar with that, it is now on the list! :) I'll keep you posted with progress.

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