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Getting started with bee keeping - any tips?


Getting started with bee keeping - any tips?

by 4 years ago


My husband and I are keen to keep bees - has anyone successfully done this as a total beginner? We have grandchildren who often visit, so a little nervous about that. Would love to hear from anyone that's had a similar experience!

Many thanks,


4 years ago
Hi Daphne - I'd love to do this too! Feels like an important thing for people to do where possible. I've been trying to include as many bee friendly plants in my garden as I can lately. Actually keeping them is my next step.. :) Becca x
4 years ago
I do not know about what-is-still-UK but in some countries bees can create considerable red tape. We needed a beemaster certificate and proof of Provision to catch swarming bee folks. In the end We could not establish a mandatory minimum distance to the nearest inhabited dwelling of third parties. We Designer eventually.
4 years ago
check out Philip Chandlers 'Natural beekeeping' online course with My garden school for anyone just developing an interest in beekeeping. I've just completed it and it's a good place to start!

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