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Growing veg - is now a good time to start?

Growing veg - is now a good time to start?

by 3 years ago

Hi All!

I'd love to start growing veg this year - I've had a few failed attempts over the last few years, mostly due to pests (pesky pests!!) but really keen to grow this year, especially with rising food costs!

I always seem to remember it is time to get planting just as the sun comes out... ;)

Would it be a good time to start planting seedlings now?

Thinking runner beans, courgettes, tomatoes, squash at the moment.

Would love to hear how other people are getting on!

Many thanks, Allie 

3 years ago
Hi Allie :) I'd say now is a great time to start! I think from now/mid-April is normally a good time for most seedlings (please do correct me if I am wrong!) I'm planning on buying some seeds this weekend . The sunshine here in the UK at the moment is really helping get me ready for some gardening! Let me know what you end up planting. Take care. Becca
3 years ago
I reckon its still quite early for most things. I sow sugar snaps, broad beans and broccoli indoors now but I wait until mid April before sowing beans and courgettes. Depends where you are but better to start later and grow fast rather than slowly in the cold.
3 years ago
Thanks Andy! I'll definitely hold fire for a little while then. This little bit of sunshine has got me all keen! I'm just outside of London but do have a rather warm conservatory that I can use to get the seedlings started. Thanks for answering :)
3 years ago
Good luck with the vegetables this year, Allie. I'd say runner beans are a great choice to plant, they can be rather prolific and super value compared to what you'd buy in the shops. Previously I have planted vegetables that I know can be rather costly in the supermarkets, or those that taste much better when home-grown. Picking tomatoes and eating that same day can't be beaten. The taste is so much better. Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Hope those pests stay away this year! Daphne

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