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by 4 years ago

Hello to all,

the more I know, the more experience I have, the more I realize how important maintenance is. I have been working with perennials for almost 30 years now, growing plants in our nursery and integrating them in gardens and urban areas.

My goal is that every single garden that I design would live many years and be wonderful.

What are your experience with maintenance?

sincerely, Mojca

4 years ago
Hi Mojca - What a really interesting question! In my experience designers rarely consider the longer term maintenance of a garden or a single planting scheme - which can be a problem. My first question is always "How are you going to maintain this, and how much time are you prepared to put in?" This should make a difference to the choice of plants. Interestingly when I lectures in Moscow to garden designers there they were especially interested in basic maintenance - especially pruning. It is just as important if a client is using someone to come in and do maintenance for them: many "gardeners" have little horticultural experience and pruning is often with a hedge trimmer and shears - this can lead to really disappointing results. I think everone planting gardens should always consider long term maintenance before they plant anything
4 years ago
Thank you, basic and advanced maintenance are what I am interested in. What to highlight when talking to a gardener, how to get different long term results from the same planting,...

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