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Michigan Hydrangeas

Michigan Hydrangeas

3 years ago

I live in southern Michigan and recently planted Hydrangeas. What do I need to do to them to make sure they come back beautiful next spring?

3 years ago
I wait to prune them until blooms are fading and dry and prune them in early winter, or if you're in an area where frosts come early then it's a good idea to wait until early spring and cut them back hard then to a bud.
3 years ago
Thanks Charlie! What you may not know Renee is Charlie is a well known expert in the UK on growing cut flowers for the house. She runs her own school here!
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3 years ago
I am only asking the obvious. I assume they are known to be hardy in your area. H. quercifolia types i think are, others need to be treated as herbaceous, starting from ground again evry year.

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