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moving conifer type bush


moving conifer type bush

by 3 years ago


I have a bright green conifer type tall bush, smell of lemon when you touch branch, it is in a wood planter I would like to transplant it in to my veg garden area along a border with sunflowers and asstd spring bulbs, when is the best time to move it


3 years ago
I can't identify your conifer accurately from your description but in general I prefer not to mix them with bulbs and annuals as some conifers give off secretions from their roots that aren't particularly beneficial to other plants round them. It's fine to move it at any time as long as you dig a generous hole and give it some compost and water when you move it, but `i would see if there's another spot in your garden where it might be happier?
3 years ago
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3 years ago
You can move your conifer into the open ground at any time. Charlie's advice re planting is spot on, but do watch that watering during the coming season. It can take some time for the conifer roots to grow out into the ground and become established.

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