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Mystery Dietes (?) in Toowoomba


Mystery Dietes (?) in Toowoomba

by 4 years ago

Hello there!

A couple months ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Toowoomba Flower Show in Australia.

Touring the Queens Park and Botanic Gardens I came across this beautiful specimen.

It looks very much like Dietes iridioides to me but I can't seem to find the exact variety.

This one is mainly white with only slight hints of purple. Also, as the pictures show the flower is much more dynamic with its frills compared to the common variety. It could also be Dietes grandiflora but only one website showed a picture similar to the one I saw - unlabeled with the variety though (

I'd like to know where I can find it to add it to my garden, as well.

Any ideas???

4 years ago
Hi George This looks more like Iris japonica to me with those fringed petals. Its a native of China and Japan - obviously very closely related to Dietes Cheers Andy
4 years ago
It's a beautiful flower. It does look quite a lot like an iris I agree. Good to hear from someone who's been to the Botanic Gardens in Australia - I was chatting to someone on here about Chicago Botanic which Piet Oudolf designed, a while back. They're the best I've seen
4 years ago
Andy Mcindoe, it seems that's the one! The leaves reminded more of an Iris than a Dietes (since they're broader) and I have to believe that you are correct! Jo Knight, the Queen's park was pleasant to see and very diverse in its selection. My favorite Botanical garden, though, has to be Munich's. It's relatively small but has the most stunning greenhouse I've ever seen! So many rooms, well maintained and even included aquariums and fish! Would love to visit Chicago's as well. I've heard great things about it!
4 years ago
I would also recommend Oxford Botanic Gardens of course, near the MyGardenSchool office! We hang out there sometimes :)

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