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Planting a north facing wall


Planting a north facing wall

by 3 years ago

After recent building work I wish to plant up some pots under our kitchen window which is north facing. What can I grow in pots that will flourish here. I live in east anglia where it is usually quite dry

3 years ago
Hi David, how big are the pots you are wanting to plant? There are lots of hardy ferns which can look great in containers, especially if you start a bit of a collection- or there are quite a few hardy shrubs which might be good too. Look for plants with striking foliage. If you have a big pot Fatsia japonica gives a jungly look, for example, and likes shade. Are you wanting low maintenance only or might you try some bedding plants for temporary blasts of colour? Begonias and Fuchsia are great for this- they aren't all blowsy! There are so many shade loving plants it depends what effect you want, how big the containers are, what colour the walls are... I have a north facing area outside my kitchen too, and it's full of pots. You will need to do some watering, especially if it's a windy area, but shade plantings in containers are generally easier to look after than sunny ones...
3 years ago
Harriet is very well known in the U.K. For her work in container gardening at Whichford Potteries
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