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Prichards Nurseries


Prichards Nurseries

by 4 years ago

Would anyone know of any plants named by Prichards Nurseries, Christchurch, Dorset?  The nurseries closed down some time ago (1970's?) and were located in Purewell, Christchurch - which used to be in Hampshire.  I have found 3 or 4 of their plants, but would be pleased to know if there might be others.  Thanks.  Pam.

4 years ago
Hi Pam - we've put this out ot 30,000 people on twitter to see if we can help! Thanks for your question. Watch this space..
4 years ago
Campanula lactiflora 'Pritchards Variety' Primula marginata 'Pritchards Variety' are two

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