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Pruning an old Myrtus communis


Pruning an old Myrtus communis

by 4 years ago

I have a Myrtus communis that is over 3 metre wide with a lovely dome shape. Unfortunately, it has split at a 'V' joint in the branches right in the centre of the shrub; without them, it will leave a large hole and lose half the shrub.

I will attempt to brace using a tree stake and cable the branches to stop them from splitting right apart. However, if I prune hard next spring in April/May to a bud just below the damage will a mature Myrtle regrow from old wood?

Many thanks


4 years ago
Hi Phil - How frustrating! Its such a lovely plant too. I would do just the same thing in trying to brace it and support it at this stage. Mytus will usually sprout from the old wood if you cut back next spring. You can help those dormant buds to grow by watering over the cut stem with a seaweed growth stimulant. This can really help old wood to produce new shoots.
4 years ago
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