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Rats and Roses!


Rats and Roses!

by 2 years ago

I have a plum tree in my garden that after careful pruning and feeding bore an excellent crop of fruit last year.  Unfortunately I suspect the field rats ate ALL the fruit before I had time to pick it.  I was wondering if growing a rose through the tree; something along the lines of Mme Caroline Testout or Mermaid climbing roses would a) allow the tree to bear fruit and b) deter the local wildlife.  Any advice greatly appreciated - and rather quickly please.  TIA.  Jane

2 years ago
Unfortunately I doubt rats would be much bothered about a few torns when there are some delicious juicy plums on offer. Rats are very clever and determined creatures and yiu have to be very determined to deter them. Apparently you can get specual guards to put round drainpipes to stop them climbing up them you could perhaps create something like that to put round the trunk of your tree. It is something like a downward pointing ring of metal that the rats can't negotiate Are you sure it was rats not birds? If it was birds then netting the tree or bagging the fruits should keep them away Good luck Michael

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