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School Grounds resources for teachers?


School Grounds resources for teachers?

by 4 years ago

Hi, I would like to share this resource from NAEE ( National Association for Environmental Education   - it's free and is designed for teachers exploring how to use their school environment to teach the national curriculum.

Be really interesting to hear what other folks have found useful ?

4 years ago
Hey how interesting. We have recently been involved with fund-raising for the last two years for our local primary school to completely re-do the sports field. We finally managed to raise £40k through the 'Friends of the School' - which would have been almost impossible if it wasn't for raising grants, and looking for 'match funding' (it's a lot of cake sales to raise that kind of money!). So if anyone wants tips on fund-raising to do up their school grounds - then we've been through it!
4 years ago

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