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Should Freesias be put inside for winter?


Should Freesias be put inside for winter?

by 4 years ago

I have some Freesias currently planted in pots outside, that have finished flowering. Where should I put them over winter? In the shed or in the house?

Also will the seeds germinate or is there a particular procedure for helping them?

Thanks in advance.

4 years ago
Hi Alex It depends a bit where you are. In milder areas freesias will usually overwinter outside as long as the pots are moved close to the walls of the house to protect them from winter wet and cold. To be on the safe side I would keep them dry and move them into the shed until spring - no need to do that yet; you can wait until late autumn. Freesias grow pretty easily from seed - keep the seed dry and cool and sow in spring. I would start the seeds indoors in the warm in small pots. Then plant out the smaller potfulls into larger pots when the grass-like seedlings are about 10cm (4ins) high. Push in plenty of twigs at this stage to support the plants.

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