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shrubs in Bulgaria


shrubs in Bulgaria

by 3 years ago


I live i rural Bulgaria and I have always grown lots of vegetables here, in UK and Ireland.

Last year I was very ill and I am still recovering. My fitness has deteriated and so I realise I need to change some things in my life. So I am planning to turn some of my veg patches into shrubberies. 

This is outside of my knowledge.

We can have temperatures of -25 - +45°c and some winters a metre of snow.

Also I am not connected to mains water, so my garden only gets minimal watering.

Any thoughts on what would do okay in my environent? There are choices of full, partial sun and shade.

Thank you,


3 years ago
Hi Lisa - join me on my Shrubs course - that might give you lots of ideas. In the meantime take a look at Cornus alba varieties Amelanchier canadensis Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' Potentillas Physocarus opulifolius Spiraea 'Snowmound' Erica carnea all of these and more survive really harsh winters. Andy
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