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Slugs are decimating my lettuce and parsley seedlings!

Slugs are decimating my lettuce and parsley seedlings!

by 3 years ago

Does anyone have suggestions for organic slug control?  My garden beds are mulched to keep soil moist, but that also keeps the slugs happy.  The simple solution would be to remove mulch; I would like to keep it in place if possible.

3 years ago
Hi Pamela, Thanks for posting your question! Andy McIndoe wrote an article about organic slug control for us a little while back and it includes 10 of the best ways to control slugs organically. Have a look at this and let us know how you get on! https://www.learningwithexperts.com/gardening/blog/organic-slugs-snails-control Our experts often pop in and post in the community, so they might come along with a few other ideas too :) Good luck with those pesky slugs. Very best wishes, Amy MyOnlineSchool
3 years ago
Hi Pamela. Great question that affects most gardeners. I use a plant of each variety to take the hit for the rest of them. For example, should I have a row of lettuce, or hosta, I remove the slugs and snails onto the 'hit' plant in the evening for damage limitation. We have a resurgence in hedgehog population here after 10 years of absence after a recent nearby housing development. It is vital to preserve the food source for the hedgehog, so try to keep the slugs and snails with you, just away from your best plants. Hope this helps. Best wishes, Gayle

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