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Strawberry Hill rose as a shrub?

Strawberry Hill rose as a shrub?

by a year ago

Hello, I was wondering if a David Austin rose like "Strawberry Hill" can truly look good as a shrub rose?  I am in zone 6 and want a shrub rose reaching at least 5 feet (to be planted along a 3 foot high wall that spans 12 feet in length.)  I have seen posts online where people complain SH is just gangly and all over the place as a shrub, yet my local garden center just said it wold be fine if pruned correctly.  Which is it? 

a year ago
Hello Caria Strawberry Hill is a lovely rose although the posts are right it can be a rather gangly shrub without any support. Trained along a wall though, using wires attached horizontally or a trellis, it would be very effective. The stems are quite fkexible and so quite easy to train. It's got a strong fragrance and is very healthy. Claire austin would also be good although it is white Michael

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