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Summertime care for climbing roses


Summertime care for climbing roses

by 4 years ago


I'm so glad to see this group started! I'm new to roses and just love them. I just planted Tess of the d’Urbervilles about two months ago (in sunny shade) and have an unknown yellow climber (full sun) that was planted last year. Both put on a great show most of the summer, but they all seem to be slowing down now. I'm seeing a bit of new growth emerging but in general have slowed down. Question: what type of pruning or care do climbers need during late summer? I've been deadheading and cutting back to right above where I see a 5 leaf branch. I also gave them a feed with David Austin rose feed last week. Are my pretty gals pretty much done for the season, or should I expect another flow of roses? I hope so :) Any pruning, de-heading, or care advice specifically for late summer would be greatly appreciated.

4 years ago
Hi Jose I think a lot of roses take a break after the first flush of flowers. You've done the right thing feeding in midsummer - just make sure you give plenty of water as well. When you dead head cut back to a good strong growth bud or just above a leaf axil behind the faded flowers. This is where next shoots emerge from. They will come and you will get another flush of flowers - maybe not for a month or so. Andy
4 years ago
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