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To do an online course or go to physical school

To do an online course or go to physical school

by 2 years ago

Hi All,

I do not have any background in architecture. Gardening was just a hobby and then I did a couple of horticulture minor courses here in the Netherlands and worked at a farm and did a research internship on post harvest life of pumpkins!! Nothing related to garden design except may be in my garden, but i am scared to do any structural changes as i do not know that stuff! Nonetheless, I was always interested in landscape architecture. I am impressed with the teachers profile here for all these online courses. Are you satisfied with the quality of courses? Also need feedback that if I invest next couple of months in different courses offered online here, will it be possible to get a decent job based on online learning only. What has been your experience? Or should I invest this time, energy and money into a landscape architecture/ design degree at a college/ university? Would really appreciate your advice.

2 years ago
Hi Sarah these online courses are quite short and they are fine as taster courses to see if you think you would like to work as a designer. I used to teach in a college and students spent one day a week for three years studying garden and planting design. It is a huge subject area. You could try one to see if you enjoy it before embarking on a long course. I hope this helps. Best wishes Hilary
2 years ago
These courses are short, flexible and their format (video) with coursework and access to top tutors works for me. I have done RHS courses (level 2 & 3) whilst good (depending on tutor) they will commit your time and are OK if you don't mind exams. It really depends on what you want to do as a career, what level and what timeframe. If you're looking for a job why don't you talk (we often forget about this) to some potential future employers to see what they look for and possibly could you work and study at the same time. For many roles in horticulture you can do without formal qualifications - e.g. gardener or garden designer. Yes the studying helps it's largely experience too. Don;t forget books (my library is around 100 books) plus magazines

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